Instrumentation Signal Cables

Solid / stranded (ATC/ABC) copper conductor insulated with PVC/PE/XLPE to form a core, 2 or 3 cores twisted to form a pair or triad, required no. of such elements laid to form the cable and sheathed with PVC/PE/TPE Shielding can be of braiding or aluminium-mylar foil provided individually on each pair or triad and or collectively as required. Armoring is provided, if needed, over extruded inner PVC/PE inner sheath and overall cable jacket of PVC/PE/XLPE/PU/TPE.

APPLICATIONS: These cables are used for transmission of signals with minimum distortion and superior circuit isolation in process control, fire alarm system, industrial electronics, refineries, chemical plants, data processing etc.

STANDARDS: BIS: 5608, BS: 5308, IEC: 189, VDE: 0185

  • Conductor sizes inAWGor metric as required
  • Suitable for operation at 300v/600v
  • Operating temperature range of -40 to 105 deg c.
  • Insulation resistance of 100 to 1000 meg. Ohms/ km,
  • Fire retardant and FRLS insulation/ sheath can also be provided.

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