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Aerostat Cable for Indian Defence

Aerostat is an Airship or a giant balloon which gains its lift using buoyant gases. Aerostats are excellent mobile platforms for surveillance, communication, early warning system, Border/Port security, Research, Monitoring Air Quality & Atmospheric conditions.


Umbilical Cord Cable For BARC

Challenges drive innovation at Paras Wires. Our young and energetic team of engineers figure out ways to solve the challenges that would surprise most. One such challenge was thrown to us by BARC (Bhabha Atomic Research Center India).

BARC is India’s leading nuclear research facility. A group of well renowned scientists from BARC arrived at Paras in May of 2016. They had this idea of developing a highly specialised prob for performing certain tasks within areas that were prone to high nuclear radiation.


Drone Tethered Cables

Drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles continue to grow at a fast pace across not only military applications but many other commercial , agriculture, surveillance, logistics and delivery, News coverage and search and rescue operations.


Steel Furnace Cables For Tata Steel

When we contacted the customers for the supply of cables they told us that they were tired of trying cables from multiple suppliers and it was failing due to high heat, moisture and mechanical  stress on the cables. They were changing the cables every 2 months. Paras has provided them with a solution which has been used for more than 1 year and still going strong. 

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